Magic - Lipizzan stallion from cameo Lipizzans

Cameo Lipizzans is / was a small private breeding and dressage facility located in Snohomish, Washington. We are moving on to other adventures and no longer have horses. Darnit!

Lipizzaners can trace their history back to the early 1560's. During the Moorish occupation of Spain the finest Arab blood was introduced and fused with the local athletic Spanish horse. During the renaissance period there was a revival of interest in The Classical Art of Riding. Ultimately, that Spanish Breed was deemed the ideal mount because of his exceptional sturdiness, beauty and intelligence.

There are many fascinating histories written about this time period. The Lipizzan has always been thought of as a “living treasure”, and thus sought after by invading armies. If you are into history, the story of how this breed has survived is incredible. If history is not your thing, you still must admit that to be able to trace any of the purebred Lipizzans pedigrees back 400 plus years is mind boggling.

Cameo Lipizzans has a clear understanding of the great responsibility we have as Lipizzan breeders to maintain 400 years of standards. If you are looking for a classic, baroque horse that has been selectively breed for correct conformation, wonderful gaits and the perfect temperament, give Lipizzans a good hard look.

About Us....

We were looking for a gelding when we found Magic and Cierra. They are full brother / sister, out of a lovely old Hungarian mare, Siglavy Capriola VII-4 and by Maestoso II Sabrina "Smokey". Smokey had a very successful show career, winning numerous ASHA, CDA and USDF awards.

Our horses were found on the internet, in Nevada. We bought them both and shipped them home. They arrived thin and dirty. They smelled like cows. The shipper had a chain on the "stud", and looked at us like we were crazy when he turned the horse over to us. Seems they were afraid of him at the barn he came from.

The mare looked around with little interest apparent in her eyes. It broke our hearts. Cierra went through what we can only call a grieving process for her first owner. It took a year before Cierra and I felt bonded. As her personality started to bloom, I discovered how smart and funny she was. When Shama joined our herd, I discovered Lipizzan jealousy. Of course I indulged her need to be "first".

As for Magic, well, he was not mean nor was he hard to handle. He was just a boy looking for a job to do. Everyday he cheerfully waited to see what this day brought. He was kind and trusting, with a huge heart. Anything asked of him was taken on with enthusiasm. He was tolerant of our mistakes, and was gleeful when we worked through the rough spots that sometimes happen. No one could ask for a more wonderful temperament.

My first two Lipizzans, the reason for Cameo Lipizzans, are gone now. Cierra first to neurological damage that happened before I rescued them. I lost Magic to kidney failure - fairly rare in equines. And with him went a large chunk of my heart. Cierra gave us Carmella. Magic left us with Mystic, Hunter, Sarbella and Sennia - plus two draft crosses and a Standardbred cross.

This is a labor of love for me- a wonderful dance through life. A childhood dream gone beyond what I could have imagined. To have been part of this historical breed and the people connected with them has been an honor, and an awesome journey. Join us for the next chapter.

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